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What is CSCA?

CSCA is an innovative and flexible company that provides a range of contact packages tailored to each families needs.

What is the vision of CSCA?

CSCA passionately believe that children’s interests are best served when professionals work in partnership with each other, and the parents.
By providing professional contact and assessment services we support parents and carers in addressing their physical, emotional and psychological needs.

CSCA is committed to ensuring that the wishes and feelings of children are given primacy in informing outcomes and planning for their futures. CSCA employ a multicultural workforce including qualified Social Workers. Cases are allocated to ensure the needs of children and their families.

What is supervised contact?

The purpose of professional supervised contact is to facilitate an enjoyable and worthwhile experience between children, and a parent or guardian with whom they no longer reside.

The CSCA contact centre provides a homely environment where children are physically and emotionally safe during contact sessions.

We ensure that children’s needs remain paramount and that children are not at risk during contact, or placed in the middle of parental conflict.

Where does contact take place?

Contact takes place in our family friendly venue that is located in an easily accessible city centre location. We have a number of child-centred contact rooms that are suitable for families of varying sizes, with a wide selection of toys and activities for children of various ages.

We also supervise contact outside of the venue including activity-based contact, if the court orders it, or if the local authority or parents in private law proceedings give their written agreement.

How are people referred?

Most referrals are made via Solicitors or family Social Worker’s when cases are in court. However, referrals are also received via CAFCASS and other relevant agencies. CSCA also accept self-referrals from separated parents or family members who are trying to arrange contact visits without the involvement of the courts.

How does your referral process work?

Enquiries are often received by telephone (0121 233 2001/2008). CSCA will then send out terms and conditions, and a referral form to the referrer for completion by post or email. We will endeavour to provide an estimate of costs by the next working day.

How soon will the work commence?

We are normally able to commence work within 48 hours notice. However we are aware that sometimes there is a need to respond to emergencies. In these instances we will strive to provide some flexibility in order to meet the needs of children and families.

Will children be safe at contact?

At CSCA the safety of children is our paramount concern. Supervised Contact occurs in the presence of a neutral third party (Supervisor) who is responsible for observing and ensuring the safety of all those involved.

Unlike many other agencies we provide one Contact Supervisor per family. Should any difficulties arise we will discuss them with parents and referrers as soon as practicable.

Our Contact Supervisors will always focus on the children’s best interests. They are trained to:

• Understand child development
• Stay neutral
• Understand risk to children
• Know what to do if things go wrong

Our referral forms are designed to identify risks to both children and vulnerable adults. However we are happy to discuss any concerns the parent or care giver may have about the children’s safety before each contact. Our child protection policy is available to referrers and parents.

Who will be told about contact?

We operate a strict confidentiality policy and we will only report as instructed; to referrers i.e. courts, solicitors, and local authorities. Parents will receive ongoing feedback, advice and support during contact.

Can CSCA refuse a referral or terminate services?

CSCA has the right to refuse and/or terminate services particularly if reasonable safety for all family members and staff cannot be ensured. We will also terminate services if the terms and conditions established by CSCA are not complied with.

Is there a waiting list?

We do not currently operate a waiting list; please contact our offices on 0121 233 2007 to check avaliability.

Are staff able to attend professional meetings?

We are happy to attend professional meetings and reviews as requested. We consider it to be an important part of our service delivery to work in partnership with parents, professionals and other agencies. Please note, attendance to professionals meetings and court appearances do incur additional fees.

Do I have to meet my ex-partner when I go to CSCA?

Not if you don’t want to, or if it would not be safe for you to do so. Parents are responsible for their children at all times at the CSCA Contact Centre so you will wait with your child until your ex-partner arrives. The staff can deal with the handover of your child so you don’t have to meet your ex-partner.

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