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CSCA was first established in 2002 to work with children in foster care, parents, local authorities, social services and family solicitors arranging and providing supervised contact and assessment. Today CSCA Midlands Ltd continues the to provide the quality.

The company was founded by Elaine Codrington, who had previously worked for nearly 20 years in social services in Birmingham.

Today, CSCA Midlands Ltd has experienced contact staff and assessors who carry out PAMS assessments and independent assessments. CSCA Midlands Ltd has warm, inviting contact and assessment centre based near the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham.


 Supervised Contact and Venue – CSCA contact venue is in a central, accessible location with good access by regular public transport. Our facilities are suitable for families of varying sizes with a wide range of age appropriate toys and activities available.

Supervised Contact – High Vigilance: Where there are serious risks or difficulties to be noted. Written records of the sessions are included in our fees as standard.

Handovers/Exchanges – CSCA handover service enables contact to occur without either parent feeling threatened or at risks and ensures that the child is protected from parental disputes during contact.

DASH – CSCA Midlands Ltd staff have been trained in the Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Honour Based Violence (DASH 2009) Risk Identification, Assessment and Management system. and are available to complete any risk assessments needed using this system.

Costs – ‘How much does it cost?’ can be found under the FAQ tab

Home Based Contact – CSCA provide supervised assessed contact at the homes of families to progress cases or as part of rehabilitation plans weekdays and at weekends.

 Life Story Work/Identity Work –  CSCA has significant experience in undertaking life story and identity work with children of varying ages. This enables children separated from a parent to learn about their background and family history in order that they can successfully resume and maintain their relationship with their non- resident parent.

Mediation – This service is provided in high conflict cases where parents have been unable over a significant period of time to resolve parenting disputes between themselves. The service involves a mediator and therapist working in a therapeutic setting with the parties in conflict primarily exploring alternative ways to communicate helping to resolve conflicts.

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